1-ON-1 Training is the optimal way to get fit and learn how to exercise.  We will work on strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training.  Enjoy the benefits of muscle growth, fat loss, and improved functionality. 

The Fitness Process

Consultation::  Let’s discuss goals, health status, and fitness background.

Physical Fitness Assessment:  Here we will assess movement patterns, flexibility, strength and balance.

Customized Program Design:  Your goals, fitness level and availability are not like anyone else’s. Safe training is not a one-size-fits-all thing. A tailored workout is designed just for you.

Implementation/Coaching:  Let’s Train!

Rotate Training Regimens:  Not only does doing the same exercises every time decrease the desired results, but frankly it gets boring. Every 3-4 weeks your exercise program is updated. This is the most effective way of working muscles in each muscle group so that you will see the results and keep you motivated.